Wednesday, April 2, 2008

You've gotta G.E.T.A. & a freebie!

I've just released a new product in my shop! G.E.T.A ~ Glittered Edge Transparent Alpha! Take a look:

I took this transparent alpha and dipped the edges in a fun, shiny glitter – it's a bit messy and definitely has a hand coated look to it. Wait a minute – it's digital – NO mess involved! Doesn't that make you want to add a bit of glitter to everything???
26 Uppercase Letters
26 Lowercase Letters
10 Numbers – 0 through 9
16 symbols and punctuation – Brackets, +, =, !, @, #,$, %, <, comma, period, /, *, &, ?
And, I've made a little freebie to go along with it - a few Glittered Edge Transparent Elements - 2 stars, and one swirl.

You can get the freebie here (pw is happy) or get both here at

I'd love it if you leave me a little note if you download this :-)