Friday, September 23, 2011

The Mega Collab Grab Bag with Kim B!


It's been a bit since I've sent out a newsletter! Grab a cuppa and let's check out what's new!

Guesting at SHC has been so much fun! This week I had a chance to work with an amazingly talented designer and my friend Kim Broedelet (aka Kim B). She's also a fellow SM designer and we both happen to be at SHC this month.

We put together this HUGE (and I mean HUGE) Mega Collab Grab Bag!

Filled with 8 brand new Quality checked products.

8 Full sized products in
PNG,Layered PSD, TIFF and JPG.

All @ 300ppi

It's packed with 8 CU products and it's just $7 (for a limited time only...). A HUGE bargain at less than $1 per product. You can buy it here, exclusively at Sugar Hill Co!

I've been seeing tons of button projects on Pinterest lately (see my pin obsessions... ) and dug through my button jars to find some pretty vintage buttons that would be an amazing addition to those beautiful kits you are creating! (btw - they are 20% off till Sunday...) They are available exclusively at SHC! Grab them here...

And last week, I was completely lazy (did I just admit that? ;P ) and forgot to send out my newsletter telling you about some new Krafty Papers I put in my SHC guest shop. So I'm adding them to this weeks 20% off new release sale too.

Don't you just love kraft paper? The texture just makes me swoon! And you know you don't have to keep them as "kraft style" brown papers - they look great in other colors or layered as the texture for your cardstocks or patterns too! Get 'em here...

Speaking of new releases being 20% off at SHC this weekend.... I loaded up some of my other favorite products and they are on sale too. Like ribbons and an action . You can check them all out here...

Friday, August 19, 2011

New Overlays, Fabric Flowers & Somewhere {Rainbow} Alpha

This week my girls put on some little "shows" for me - it was great fun and one of the songs they did was Somewhere Over the Rainbow. I whipped this little alpha up for a speed scrap prize at ScrapMatters & now it's available in my store. I'm certain this is my favorite alpha - ever!!

I'm also unpacking my GB to go on sale individually as well. These Fabric Flowers are FUN! They would make a great addition to that kit you are working with!

Also coming out of the grab bag are these Crackled transparent PNG overlays. The background colors are just for preview purposes. These make amazing papers or the perfect finishing touch on frames or elements!

FREEBIE ALERT!!! I know there were a few technical difficulties with the FB freebie at SM, so if you missed it, it IS still available AND you can get it HERE on SM's FB Fan Page. Sorry for the confusion!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Are you ready to PARTY??

Are you ready to party???? ScrapMatters turns 4 this weekend and we are celebrating in a BIG way!!

AND I get to be one of the LUCKY featured designers this month too! Day and I teamed up to create a CU freebie for you. SM is changing up our featured designer and insted of being in our monthly newsletter, it's now on SM's FB FAN page all month long!!!! So make sure you "LIKE" SM (oh and Happy Scrap Girl Designs too!!!) so you don't miss ANYTHING!!!

Here is the CU freebie we put together for you!!! After all, what's a birthday celebration without some presents, right???

And, we put together this GOT-TO-HAVE-IT CU Grab Bag for you too!! Now you can get a pretty good idea of what's in this bag from the preview, lol. But if you still need some convincing, check out the full previews and detailed images ---> HERE....

Now grab that bag quick and go celebrate!! It's only available until August 18th so don't miss it!!

My WHOLE shop at SM is on sale for the celebration!! AND if you are a FB fan - you can get a coupon for an extra 10% off (GB's excluded!!!).

Happy Birthday ScrapMatters!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Learn how to flip a text path - a quick tutorial & sample to play along!!

Incase you can't tell, I love a good text path! They make your pages more interesting and you can fit text into odd shaped spaces. If you purchase a pre-made text path like my Text Path Blenders, you may find you have the perfect text path shape - but it's flipped the wrong direction... You flip the layer only to find that your text is now backwards or upside down. Well, that's no good, lol!
Here is a tutorial on how to flip your text path in Photoshop.
You will need your opened text path (you can use regular text paths - step 1 only - or my Text Path Blenders). If you are going to use your Text Path Blender on a page layout, you will want to flip it in the original document. If the size of the document is changed (like when you move it to your 12x12 page) the mask will not line up with the path correctly.
If you need a Text Path Blender to test this out with, you can grab a free sample here.

1.) Click on the text layer and go to Edit -> transform path -> flip horizontal (this flips the path, but not the mask).

2.) Create a new layer above your text layer.

3.) Click and hold on the mask (black & white box to the right of the text layer) and drag it to the new layer.

4.) On the new masked layer click the little "linked" icon to the left of the mask to turn it off.

5.) Click on the new masked layer and go to edit -> transform -> flip horizontal (now your mask is flipped)

6.) Click and hold on the mask again and then drag it back to the text layer.

7.) Click the little linked icon between the mask and the text path again to re-link them.
Hope you find this tutorial useful! I'd love to see how you use it - link me up in the comments or let me know if you have any questions!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Try my new Text Path Blenders with a freebie - plus don't miss the Christmas in July Sale!!

Happy Friday!!

Have you missed me? I've certainly missed you!!! It's been over a month since I've done any design work. My family is keeping me very busy at the moment and I'm enjoying spending so much time with my girls this summer. I've been playing taxi driver to swim and soccer, play dates and parties. We've spent a lot of time in our pool (YAY!!) and have had a few picnics at the beach & parks. DH's job is a little crazy right now so I'm sorta playing the part of a single parent most of the time. Can I just tell you how much this makes me appreciate what a good husband and father he is? I know that we'll get the work thing straightened out and life will be back to normal (whatever that is, right????) AND I might get a little more time on my computer too ;)

I'm still working on taking better care of me (ie - I need to lose some weight, lol!!) and have an appointment in a few weeks to figure out what on earth I did to my poor foot. I fell down my stairs (remember, I'm the worlds biggest klutz - haha!!) in April and my foot hasn't been the same since. I did get some X-rays done and it's not broken (thank goodness!!!) but it's keeping me from walking very far. Not very helpful in trying to lose weight, lol. Hopefully a new doc can fix it up so I can stop walking around with a goofy limp!

I had a little bit of time this week to create something new. I had such a great response to my Text Path Blenders, I decided to make another set for you.

The second set is a little grungier and includes a messy heart shape, an arrow and a half circle. There are 8 Text Path Blenders in this set.

Text Path Blenders are just like a photo mask, but for your journaling instead of a picture. You type in the path and the mask part automatically distresses the text. I've included full instructions for you, including how to make parts of the mask more or less distressed - to fit your page.

Would you like to see some CT inspiration?

I'm also offering the first and second set as a bundle for a Sweet Deal!!

I do have a little sample for you at the end of this post, but first, I want to tell you about SM's Christmas in July sale.

Here are a few of the Christmas/Winter products I have on sale..

Mmmm.... this alpha makes me want to bake!! It's included in the full kit, but you can purchase it on it's own as well.

another alpha...

And since I love you guys, I'm giving you a freebie so you can have some fun playing with them yourself!! They will only work in PS/PSE and I've included full instructions on how to use them!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Berry-licious Sale!!

It's finally berry picking time in my part of the country. My girls and I are headed out this morning to pick strawberries and we'll be making some home made jam this afternoon.

Since I can't take you all along with me, I thought I would put one of my favorite kits in this week's Manic Monday sale instead!! You can save 50% off Berry-licious today only, so grab it fast and get scrapping those berry pics!!

Here is some CT inspiration...

Friday, June 10, 2011

Why let your photos have all the fun? New Text Blenders!!‏

Everyone knows what photo blenders or masks can do for your layouts. But have you tried using them on your journaling? What? It doesn't work so great? You're right, because with photo masks/blenders, you clip your image to the mask - covering up the solid colored mask shape. Try that with text and you'll still see the mask behind your journaling. You could use the mask and select the area outside of it and then delete part of your text to get that same look. Oh wait... that's not a good option either. If you want to change your text after you delete part of it, you'll have to start over.

Enter Text Path Blenders! Just highlight the text on the path and start typing right over it. Your journaling will take these mask shapes and parts of it will magically fade away or become slightly distressed. Make a mistake? That's ok. With this non-destructive method, you can go back and edit your text as many times as you need to to get it just right. Change the font, color - whatever you'd like - it's really easy!
I've even included some basic instructions on how to make your edges more or less faded without changing the rest of the path.

Please note that these will work perfectly with PSE 5+ and PSCS2+ but will not work in earlier versions.

Here is some amazing CT inspiration using these new Text Path Blenders!!

by Fran...

By Kayla...

By Heidi...
{also using Cloud Nine by Elise's Pieces Designer}

By Melanie...

Text Path Blendersare 20% off this weekend only!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Botanical Grunge Brushes & pngs


Happy Friday to you!

I'm sorry I'm so late in posting this today. We have finally listed our house, so I am determined to do all of my "chores" before I sit down to work each day. This mornings cleaning led to switching out my youngest daughters clothes. All of her winter things are now packed away and her summer dresses and shorts are ready for her to use. I ended up with a garbage bag full of clothes that she will have outgrown by the fall, so those are headed to my sisters house for her little girl.

I promised my daughter some time with me after torturing her to try on all of her clothes, so we spent some time reading in the hammock in the yard.

Now that we are back inside, I figured I'd better get a move on this before I find something else that needs my attention, lol!

My youngest and I have been going for walks every morning after my oldest daughter gets on the school bus. This week as we were on our walk, we traveled past my neighbors house. She is a good, good friend of mine and just adores my children. Last year, she injured her back. She had dr's orders to not do anything that would be strenuous on her back. So she wasn't able to mow her lawn. She did get some help from friends (including my DH now and then) but the weeds would regularly get taller than my kids! At the end of last summer she got a handle on it and it was under control. Fast forward to this year, and she has re-injured her back - and those weeds are once again growing! So I figured that before I go over to help her pull them out, I'd find some great ones to make some fun brushes out of!! Bet you didn't see that coming, lol!

This week I have a new brush set - Botanical Grunge - courtesy of my neighbors yard, lol! There are 10 brushes in the set. They come in abr & png format.

They are on sale for 20% off this weekend only!

Here are some close up details of these brushes. The would be beautiful on papers & LO's!!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Fit for a Princess and Grab Bag Reveal!!

The past two weeks have been a blur. Seriously, how DID it get to be Friday already? I hope everyone had a FUN iNSD weekend, fit in lots of scrapping or designing - and scored tons of great shopping deals!!!

I have a few things to show you today, including the reveal of both of my Grab Bags and if you are a Newsletter subscriber - be sure to check your email for a subscriber only coupon!!.

Some of you may remember this collab - it's actually a re-release. It was in my partners' (Leslie - aka: Golden Girls Digital Designs) shop when she sold with us at SM. I recently realized that I never put it in my SM store! So I gave it to my CT & the SM CT to get some brand new LO's with it.

The CT had some serious fun with this kit - just look at all of these BEAUTIFUL pages!!

This one is by Fran...

And here is one by Jan....

by Kayla...

by Heidi...

by Fonnetta....

By Kat... (PS... I'd want this to be my castle too!)

And now here are the products that were in my CU grab bag collabs. I am completely in love with chevron patterns right now. So I had to whip up a set of Happy Patterns dedicated to all things chevron, lol! These (like all of my Happy Pattern Sets) are layered files - making your design time more productive. Each color is on it's own layer.

Ribbon Obsession. I love me a great ribbon and love to pack my kits with them. So I put my obsession with them to good use and made up this set. There are long ribbons, bows and even a couple that would be great to hang things with!

Knotty Ribbons - oh my. I had a blast making these for you. I used up about 10 glue sticks putting them together, but I love the way they came out. They make great page embellishments on their own, and I can totally see them being used as flower centers or in layered up circles.

These fabric flowers are made from ribbons. Some are 2 ribbons stitched together. I can't decide which of these is my favorite!! Quick tip - to recolor elements that are multiple colors, use your Color Range selection tool (PS users) to pick out just one of the colors. Then fill it on a new layer and use your blend modes to make it look perfect!

New Texture Files too - this one is packed with fun textures like leather, mulberry paper, and parchment paper. I've also added cardstock and kraft!

Phew, I think that's everything that I wanted to show you this week! Thanks for sticking with me, lol.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Let's get this {iNSD} party started!

Let's get this {iNSD} party started!

Happy iNSD everyone! I have so much to tell you about today! First, SM is celebrating iNSD in a BIG way!

Stop over to join a chat, challenge, SS or just to do some shopping.

I've been busy working on lots of new goods to fill up my store for this weekend. I've worked with 2 AMAZING CU designers to bring you 2 CU Grab Bags this weekend. I also have a couple of personal use products in the store as well! My newsletter subscribers will also be getting a subscriber only coupon today - so if you get my newsletter, be sure to look for it before you make your purchases!

Are you ready?

First up, I have a CU Grab Bag collab with a fellow SM designer, Chelle's Creations! Chelle is crafty and clever and very pick on quality! You'll love her products just as I do. We've packed 6 fun, full size products into this bag for just $6! Check out what we've made...

Want to see some closer details?

Oh isn't that pretty!

I did mention another GB, right? Well I had so much fun teaming up with Amanda Rockwell for our last grab bag, that we decided that we had to do another! Amanda is a top-notch CU designer and we've filled this GB with 4 full-size, high quality resources to help you build or refresh your designer toolbox - all for just $4!!

Here is a closer look....

WOW!! If you are still curious as to what exactly is in each bag, don't worry. Full size previews of each product are available in the store!

I had a ton of fun making those bags, I got my craft on, broke out my trusty glue gun & sewing machine. 12 glue sticks, lots of ribbon, and a few HOT fingers later, well let's just say these are some of my FAVORITE ever CU products!! And, my girls have some pretty new hair clips now that I'm done with all the scanning and extracting, lol!

A few more things to show you. I've had lots of requests for new text paths. These ones are care-free and fun. Some wind an loop and others are designed to work around the edge of your photo or page. They will work on PSE 5.0+ and PSCS2+. If you've not used text paths before, give them a try! You simply type over the text on the path and keep the same text shape. You can change the size, font and color!

And last, but not least, I made some new Blend it Masks...

Thanks for looking and have a wonderful iNSD weekend!!